Day 1


July 5

Winchester VA


Christiansburg VA

Until the camera museum can obtain new quarters, only a third of all its cameras are on display. Here’s a factoid: History buffs would be impressed with the equipment on display at the Camera Heritage Museum. One such item is a movie camera used by Leni Riefenstahl to film Triumph of the Will which was an acclaimed Nazi propaganda film from the 1930’s. That’s Leni above and to the left.


Afterwards we headed to Christiansburg to dine with two wonderful people. That would be John and Kathy Hollandsworth. Afterwards John gave us a tour of his autoharp workshop. If you are ever interested in owning such a top-notch instrument look him up at The first day of our trip has been a great success!

Ellen, Tickle and Jorge cannot stay put. Jorge arrived in Winchester on Saturday and five days later they were ready to drive back to California. They did stop for a moment to smell the roses on the Fourth of July.


Ellen (mountain dulcimer) and Jorge (guitar) performed with Frances Averitt (flute), and Jerry Fee (snare drum) in The Village at Orchard Ridge’s presentation of Revolutionary Winchester: The Musical. They were a small part of the event but enjoyed it tremendously.


This morning we left town and headed for the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. It is privately funded and small but covers a significant time in our history. Alas, we were not allowed to take photos inside his childhood home but the museum did let us do so.


After lunch we walked to the Camera Heritage Museum. The owner, David Schwartz, claims that it is the only camera museum in the country. His assistant, Walter, gave us an excellent tour of the store. It’s an amazing little place in search of bigger space.

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