Day 5


July 9

Mountain View AR


Texarkana AR

We dined at Hooters for the first time. It was next to our hotel. Jorge’s eyes nearly popped out. Wow, wow, wow! Oh, the food was good too.

After breakfast at Charlyn’s Restaurant we took back roads through the mountains to get to Hot Springs AR. It is a world famous place known for its hot (medicinal?) baths. Leo P. McLaughlin turned the town into a gambling attraction in spite of the fact that the Arkansas state constitution has always banned gambling. Mob bosses were catered to and law enforcement looked the other way. So, did the local attorneys, politicians and even the state governors. Then Rockefeller was elected governor and it all went away.


We mention these things because we took a tour of The Gangster Museum of America! Click here to check out the website. Ellen “the Felon” Morgan just had to see for herself what all the rage was about. We had an excellent tour guide who showed us trap doors and how to make moonshine.


For Jorge, about a block away, we entered The Galaxy Connection, a Star Wars Museum. Click here to see the website. Ellen did recognize Yoda. Otherwise, Jorge had to do lots of explaining but our tour guide was excellent. They also had life-size super heroes. Another great day on the road!

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