Day 7


July 11

Abilene TX


Carlsbad NM

Today’s drive was aimed to get us to the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in time to visit the famed caverns. So, we didn’t do any drive-by photography (take photos of odd and special things along the road). Yet, the road always presents itself with things to see along the way.


We found a kennel at the park for Tickle to stay. It was at least 100°F outside. However, in the caverns the temperature was a steady 58°F so we wore light coats. It was humid too, but the air flowed and it was not uncomfortable.


We took an elevator 754 feet down to start our independent tour. The guided tour with the ranger would have been too arduous for us.

We had no interest in crawling on our knees and pulling ourselves through small crevices. However, we were advised to whisper so as not to cause too many loud echoes. Ellen had to slap Jorge a bit to get him to act appropriately. “Honey, look at that!” Smack! “Shhh!”


Taking photos in a darkened environment, without a tripod, is difficult. Shooting with a flash doesn’t always work. Also, a photograph really can’t replace reality and give a good perspective of large, immense places such as caverns but we tried. Hope you like the photos!

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