Day 11


July 15

Wickenburg AZ


Palm Springs CA

We took more pictures of the statues in Wickenburg before leaving. Of interest to Ellen the Felon and Tickle the Trickster was the Tree Jail. And if you are wondering, yes, Jorge got his hand slapped. You may find out more about the statues by clicking here.


We saw a couple of Vietnam War jets in Quartzsite AZ but the highlight in that the town was Celia’s Rainbow Garden. Celia lived to the age of 8 but affected many people in a positive way.


Then we headed to Palm Desert CA to see animals on a white fence. We don’t know why they are there but here are some pictured below.


Then we drove into Palm Springs CA in search of some serious movie and TV stars. Having seen Marty Robbins and Rex Allen in Wilcox AZ earlier, we had to first go to see the statue of Gene Autry, America’s favorite singing cowboy. Click here to hear him sing. And check out Ellen with Sunny Bono and Lucille Ball (Lucy Ricardo). Jorge couldn’t sit next to her because she was too hot. It was 113°F. Yikes!

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