Day 8


July 12

Carlsbad NM


Las Cruces NM

We felt as if we were in the midst of a sci-fi studio exhibiting man’s ingenuity to make war. Later we found ourselves at Veterans Memorial Park in Las Cruces NM. Sure, you can have fancy gadgets but it takes men to do the fighting and the dying. We honor them.

Today we headed to Artesia to take a look at some bronze statues dedicated to cowboys and oil magnets of New Mexico. Oil is big in New Mexico!


After taking pictures of a few drive-by places of interest (see the Apple Boy, and Air Duct Man) we arrived in White Sands National Monument. We had been there once before right after it rained and the sand did not look white at all. It looked like plain sand. Today things were different. We needed to wear shades! No, we did not ride any sand sleds. You might see Ellen below getting her National Park Passport stamped. BTW, it was 102°F on the dunes.


Next up was the town of White Sands to see the Rocket Garden. It is inside an Army base so we had to surrender our drivers licenses until we left. You can see some pictures below but there were so many! In one special room we found a V-2 Rocket. It was used by the Germans in World War II against the British.

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