Day 12


July 16

Palm Springs CA


Oxnard CA

We could have driven straight home yesterday but we like to get there early in the day so we can unpack and make ourselves feel at home as soon as possible. Palm Springs was hot today as it usually is. We noticed that there is a business off I-!0 offering windmill tours. It’s something we have to do.


We didn’t go directly home as we decided to drive by the entrance of Splash Kingdom Water Park in Redlands CA to see a Sphinx with shades on. What a sphinx has to do with a water park is a mystery to us.


Being that Ellen the Felon and Tickle the Trickster were in the car with Jorge, we had to visit the very first jail built in San Bernardino CA. Check out how they transported it to the San Bernardino History Center  by clicking here.


Finally, we present our gasoline stats below. It was a great trip!

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