Day 9


July 13

Las Cruces NM


Tucson AZ

The New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department has dedicated U.S. Highway 70, from Las Cruces to Alamogordo, as the Bataan Memorial Highway. West of Las Cruces, in Deming NM, there is also a memorial to the soldiers who participated in that death march. It’s remarkable how many small towns across the USA rightfully honor their veterans.


We stopped in Steins NM…a true ghost town. It is closed to the public but may some day be opened again. We’re crossing our fingers! Wilcox AZ came next under our radar.


There’s a small Marty Robbins museum. It’s cute and has many private photos. One thing did stand out about him; he had a great sense of humor. A couple of doors west was the Rex Allan museum. Do you know Koko, his horse? Read below.

Read about Koko by clicking the picture on the left.

If you don’t know Rex Allen then you never watched cowboy movies every Saturday in the 1950’s. Check out this song he sang by clicking here. You may check out some of his movie clips by clicking here.


Don’t go thinking that Marty Robbins is only known for his big hit named El Paso. Click here to see him in the movies! They don’t make great movies like this anymore!


Heading out toward Tucson AZ we got tired of being on Interstate 10. So, we headed toward Colossal Cave Mountain Park. The tour was a bit above our physical grade so we passed on it but there was a beautiful view of the local area.


Tonight, as we work on this webpage, the heavens have opened up with rain, thunder and lightening but we’re safe.

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