Day 3


July 7

Townsend TN


Jackson TN

Ellen picked up her repaired dulcimer from the Wood & Strings shop. Check out their YouTube video by clicking here. The repair was free!


We left the Smokey Mountains to get to the Lane Motor Museum which featured mostly European automobiles…and many small ones too. We saw the Peel Trident…the smallest car in the world. Then there was the narrowest car in the world: the 1948 Larmar which could be driven into a home!


It seemed to us that very thin and small people drove many of the cars. There were so many odd shaped cars. Wow!

If you look carefully at the slides you may notice one Army vehicle which sticks out. It’s so big that it is parked outside. It is a 1959 Amphibious LAEX-LX. Check out the video on how it was transported through Nashville by clicking here. If you watch the video to the end you will see it crush a car with very little effort. That crushed car is hanging there.


The Tennessee DOT has sobering signs for all drivers. Click on the picture to the right to see.

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