Day 10


July 14

Tucson AZ


Wickenburg AZ

We got ourselves up extra early to try to get a tour at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Alas, they strictly enforce a NO PETS rule. Well, we understood that there are critters and bugs out there ready to eat Tickle. So, we headed to the Tucson Mountain Park and took a dirt road to see all the wonderful cacti and whatnot! The rain last night did little to alter the terrain and we were the first this morning on the route.


We headed to Phoenix to meet David Bowmann and his lovely and beautiful wife, Barbara Herber-Baumann. They can sing and play up a storm with her fiddle and his guitar. Today, it was a social visit and we dined at the Cibo Urban Pizzeria. Yum! We had a great time catching up on all our travel experiences. They like the folk music and we do too. You can see and hear them perform on YouTube by clicking here.

Some people might think that it is tough on us traveling with Tickle. Not so! Yes, it is true that we can’t go into any museum or place that does not allow dogs. However, one would be surprised on how so many places take a look and her and then allow us to leave her kennel in an air-conditioned environment. Besides, it’s always an opportunity to do something else when she is rejected.

It was no different going into the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg AZ. Once Tickle walked in the front desk girl fell in love with her and allowed our little pet to stay in her kennel while we strolled about.


The museum has a temporary art gallery on exhibit and we were allowed to take photographs (no flash). So you’ll see some of them here as a representation of what they have.


Downstairs is a version of what the town looked like in the old days. There was much to see and think about. It was a delight to visit.


Wickenburg is very much dedicated to its early western roots. Cowboys, Indians, Mexicans, miners and other historic towns people are celebrated in earnest. You’ll see statues of them on several corners. We can never get too much of America’s cowboy era!

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