As we left Pittsburg KS we spotted a big steam shovel and then kept on driving. We decided that a small museum might fit the bill today because we wanted to get to Mountain View AR before the Dulcimer Shoppe closed. Ellen wanted a fret added to one of her dulcimers and needed some strings. Let’s back up a little and talk about J.R.’s World’s Largest Small Electric Appliance Museum. It’s located in Diamond MO. You won’t believe this collection of small appliances. Take a look at some of the photos and see if you can recognize some of the items.

Richard Larrison has 7,000+ small electric appliances, including percolator coffee pots, toasters, waffle irons, hot plates, blenders, mixers, razors, hair dryers, popcorn poppers, and fans, all in a clean, well organized space. Keep an eye out for the "hot dog electrocuter.”


The museum is located inside a big boot store. You have to ask at the counter to have access. The appliances are  placed for exhibition in three big rooms. All the shining items almost overload the senses.


The drive through the states of Missouri and Arkansas are nothing like what we encountered in Nevada and Utah and all are beautiful in their own way. There are lots of people everywhere in Arkansas. Farms, horses, cows, trucks, cars, MacDonald’s…ah, yes. We’ve discovered a new go to place for lunch. It is called the Village Inn. It’s like a Denny’s or Bob Evans. The food was good and the service was fine. We recommend it. Besides, they automatically give discounts to old folks.

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