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On a previous trip through Dodge City KS we got to see Boot Hill. We wanted to see it again but this morning it was closed. There was still lots to see.  Doc Holiday sat waiting for someone to play poker. Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Earp was ready to draw his gun. And we found two giant sundials. One is for Mountain Time and the other for Central Time. You can calculate Standard Time by deleting or adding an hour in your mind. Then we uttered those famous words, “Let’s get out of Dodge!”


After losing our way we used a Kansas dirt road to get back on track Very neat! Before too long we ran across 1/4 mile of metal sculptures in Mullinville KS. M.T. Liggett decided to put his political opinions on display and to please no one…maybe. Below is some of his art work.

In Kingman KS Glen Hardin Stark left a remarkable legacy by simply using his pocket knife (and some metal and concrete) to whittle some neat statues. Wow! We’d like to show pictures of Old Cowtown but couldn’t get there due to a local marathon. After about an hour of trying to sneak in we gave up.

Wichita KS had a full marathon, a half-marathon, a 5K run, a youth marathon, a back-to-back marathon, a half-back-to-back marathon, a back-to-back 5K run…and the traffic! We did find the Keeper of the Plains. It was in a beautiful park and access required that we cross a bridge on foot over the Arkansas River. Then it was time to get out of Dodge.

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