Today’s drive was light on the photographic side. There are only so many pictures one can take of the road. The day started with a mist but soon warmed up and the sun came through. There were the usual scenes such as a quarry, a dam, trucks transferring cargo (check out that large windmill blade) and such things.


Upon entering Virginia we found a visitor center exhibiting a large love sign. The commonwealth motto is Virginia is fro Lovrse. Sounds good to us! Jorge entered the center and rocked the crowd. Fun…but further down the road there were two terrible accidents. Interstate 81 had to be closed for hours in both directions. They had to get a HAZMAT team before allowing traffic to go through. There was a tremendous traffic jam but we got through it in only two hours by taking shortcuts recommended by our cell phone apps.


After re-entering the highway we did see one truck that was crushed. The other tractor that needed cleaning up was hidden from our view. However, the stench was unbelievable. Warning: the following sentence should not be read by sensitive eyes…be warned! It smelled as if a truck full of shit had exploded. Okay, enough of that.


We got to our hotel and then drove to see John and Kathy Hollandsworth. Kathy was at church helping the the various musical groups. It’s her Wednesday routine so we saw her briefly later in the evening. Check out Ellen on the upside down gizmo that John has in his basement. It’s for relieving back pain and really seems to work. We had a great time and hope to visit again!

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