We woke up at the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah NV. Right behind it is the Tonopah Mining Park. It was to open at 8:00 AM but half an hour later it was still closed. Before heading out of town we took what pictures we could. The abandoned buildings looked a lot like Bodie CA. The difference must be that the Tonopah is on a main highway in Nevada…and it sports a population of 2,000. Not far from town is the Tonopah Test Range Airport which is operated by the USAF. We didn’t get to go there.

Today’s drive was mostly on an a wonderful two-lane road. Between the three towns that we traveled through today, there were no service stations. For most of the way there were no vehicles to be seene in any direction. The scenery was spectacular.


In the town of Ely NV we were shocked to be back in civilization. The state of Nevada allows gambling. We couldn’t enter one restaurant without finding a casino. Smokers stunk up the place so badly that we had to walk away coughing. Yeah for Subway!


Ely has lots of murals and a few are displayed in our slide show (to the right). As for the Indian Woman, well…we weren’t too sure what she was about. Check out that circular stone fence below. Who put it there! Someday we may find out.

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