Two round-bouts are placed on each side of I-70 in Grand Junction CO featuring metal horses having fun. The road scenes today are so different than those in Nevada and Utah. The Colorado Rockies are awesome! And we found snow!


In Idaho Springs CO we had to go and see the statue of Steve Canyon. He is the precursor to many of our comic book heroes. Across the street is a very nice visitor center. There was so much to see and photograph. We highly recommend that people visit there. See Ellen with Smokey the Bear?

There was snow at the Vail Pass rest stop. Fortunately, no one needed chains. The weather has been good today. We went through several tunnels. Some were short and others long. Ellen says that she should have been a road engineer. What fun it would be making all those great bridges and tunnels. It’s another of her fantasies like the one about being the Lone Rangerette. Still, one has to admire those first surveyors that made the work possible.


The Colorado Railroad Museum is in Golden CO. Downstairs the Denver HO Club has a miniature train exhibit. Carrie Arnold…yes, a girl, yeah…is credited for doing most of the art, scale and detail work.  Check out those last two picture below all about the Galloping Geese.

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