We had a great breakfast today at a local place where all the geezers go. Great meal!

We drove by a private garage in Delta UT this morning which has been converted to took like a Sinclair gasoline station. It had fake dear outside and an old tow truck with teeth. In Salina UT we visited German Prisoner of War camp in the 1940’s. Unfortunately, it is the site of the worst massacre at a POW camp in U.S. history. The museum was closed but we could walk around and look through windows.


The Indian statue in Salina was once a milkshake slave man. What would that have looked like? Nearby are some large tanks that have been painted to look like soda cans. No one could drink a can that size in a lifetime!

Going 80 mph we managed to click a picture of another shoe tree in the center divider. Who thinks of putting these up? Check out those vistas above. Yes, we went to the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River UT. He did very well and with only one arm sailed down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Cisco Ut is another ghost town. Yes, another ghost town! It was a railroad town and with its decline the town went bust. That Interstate 70 bypassed it was the last straw to break its back. There are signs that someone is living there but who? Check out that girl on the four wheels below. What is that thing she is riding? A Huey helicopter is placed on a pole at a Vietnam Memorial in Fruita CO. So many have died for us.

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