We’re returning someday to see Dragon Man’s Military Museum. Located east of Colorado Springs on Highway 95, it was closed today but the his driveway exhibits were something else. Mel “Dragon Man” Bernstein must be some character. Check out all those cars riddled with bullets…and read the signs!


At Kit Carson CO we found the museum closed too but outside there was a scrap junk yard. Check out that tower made of assorted parts. It must have taken lots of time and patience to weld all that together. In Lamar CO we found a Petrified Wood building. It was built out of petrified wood in 1932 by W.G. Brown, a lumber dealer. The town had a Madonna of the Trails statue outside its visitor center.

The Finney County Historical Museum In Garden City KS is next to the Lee Richardson Zoo. We promised ourselves to return another day to see the animals and proceeded to enter the museum. It’s a wonderful little place that honors its local western heritage and continues to go back as far as a fossil can take them. See Ellen next to the mammoth!


We also learned about Charles Jesse Jones or Buffalo Jones. The possible extinction of the buffalo moved him to preserve the species. Below is a picture of him, Pawnee Bill and Buffalo Bill - the last of the frontiersmen!

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