Tickle couldn’t wait to get into the car after she saw us start packing. “Oh, boy, another adventure to see the world!” She is so good at traveling. We headed to Santa Paula & Filmore CA to see the statue dedicated to two motorcycle policemen who warned of the collapse of the St. Francis Dam in 1928. Unfortunately, hundreds were killed.

We dined in Mojave where we caught a re-bar man (ready for any job) representing the Desert Truck Service Company. Nearby we located the Rotary Rocket Raton and Space Ship One Replica in Legacy Park. The park is still under construction and we promise to visit again. Jorge caught some distant pictures of an airplane graveyard. Access is prohibited but we still have eyes. Small planes were landing at the local air field. Then we headed for “dem thar hills” to find and orange house, a motorcycle on a pole, and the Lone Pine Film History Museum.

Ever wanted to be a cowboy? Thought most of those B-Westerns were made in Hollywood? Nope…they were made in Lone Pine CA! Ellen, being a want-to-be Lone Rangerette since childhood, finally found where all those movies were really made and was beside herself. We even passed by a fantastic gulch…you know, “Head ‘em off at the gulch!” And how about their horses? Can you name them? Click on the right picture (just above) to see how good you are!

In Independence CA we stopped at the Manzanar National Historic Site. It was WWII Japanese Internment Camp. 110,000 Japanese-American citizens were forced into this “concentration” camp for the duration of the war. After the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, it was hard for people to trust them. Interestingly enough, they proved to be loyal and many fought in Europe for their country, the USA.

Movie Flats Sign

Community Living Room

Nightmare Rock

Camouflage Nets

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