Quebec City

Ellen and Jorge had been in Old Quebec City once before for a family event at the Chateau Frontenac. It was in early August and the entire old town was crowded with revelers enjoying an action packed festival. It was so crowded. It was nice to come back and be able to see the architecture and art work without fighting the crowds.

Riding the funicular up and down the hill is always fun. Naturally, we chose to take the steps up. Old age doesn’t guarantee smart thinking. So, it was a welcome ride down.

The view of the St. Lawrence River is spectacular. The harbor is active with ships coming and going. That includes tourist ferries. This would be an interesting place for a Segway ride. We didn’t have time for this as we arrived at the Hotel Port Royal (Nice!) the evening before boarding the MS Zuiderdam.

Our romantic walk about town was pleasant and peaceful. Oh, there were tourists to make it festive but not crowded.

Naturally, we stopped at a local pub for delectable sustenance. It was the Bistro Sous le Fort. We requested and got a window seat to watch people walk by.

Ellen claims that beer tastes best when traveling. Jorge agrees but thinks that beer at home is pretty good too.

We met several MLAG people we knew both at the hotel and on our walk. It’s always good to see old friends.