This is our third trip on the MS Zuiderdam, operated by Holland America. We’ve been to Alaska (2015), across the Atlantic to Denmark (2017) and now.

We’ve taken many pictures of the ship and it has definitely changed. We love staying high up on the ship so we can enjoy the magnificent views coming into port. It’s also close to the Crows Nest…that’s the top bar and handy for evening beverages.

The ship, built in 2002, can accommodate 1,964 passengers (plus about 800 crew members) on its eleven decks. That’s 82,318 tons of floating magnificence. By contrast, the infamous RMS Titanic’s tonnage came to 46,328 and had 9 decks. Yet, it could hold 3,487 passengers and crew! Must have been crowded!

That fatefull ship carried 20 lifeboats. which was the minimal requirement at the time (1912). That Titanic’s fate is what led to today’s international maritime law that allows for enough lifeboat space for each and every person on a ship.

Why the comparison? Well, we would be traveling through the North Atlantic. That’s where the Titanic resides…at the bottom. Just a thought.