Before Gregg Averitt, the Grand Poo-Bah monitores the Autoharp Toss, there is a concert performed on the last night of the cruise. Each musician performs three or four songs. The videos below will show only one song from act.

Below you’ll see Gregg Averitt (the MC) lead off the procession of musicians. Jorge (George) Santini follows with assistance from Jonathan, Ellen, Jane and Monica. Next up is Vicki Lehman, as always, is as cute as can be and performs her lovely signature song (Patty Ann). Kathy Wieland plays and sings original compositions. She writes pretty vignettes of life. Betty Scott shows why she is a champion autoharp player. Wow!

The next set is led with music from Janet Dove. The Fishers and Lumpkins combined their talents to fill the air with harmonies. Rick Fitzgerald sings a love song he wrote for his wife. Well done by all!

Greg Averitt

Jorge (George) Santini

(Jonathan Wolkomir, Ellen Morgen, Jane Johnson, Monica Vega)

Vicki Lehman

Kathleen Wieland

Betty Scott

Janet Dove

Warren & Ann Fisher with Jean & Otis (Al) Lumpkin

Richard (Rick) Fitzgerald