There will be four performances on this cruise given by MLAG cruise members. This movie above contains small snippets of the first concert. Watch Karen and Chuck Daniels both perform on the same autoharp.  Then Linda and Bob Grappel perform a funny song about food: gourmet food vs fast food.


Sara Keller and Kathie Wieland team up for a devilish tune. Niels Jonker and his wife Holly Towne took to the soft side. Niels managed to hit the funny bone anyway.


The final performer, Betty Scott, asked Niels Jonker and Bryan Bowers to accompany her. These people made great music…and there’s more to come!


Gregg Averett is our Master of Ceremonies for each concert. He gave us a treat by performing a couple of songs before the second concert began. Jorge Santini was up first with Lynda Cohen and our local ukulele friend, Ronald Cayuleo, who helped with Tip-Toe Through the Tulips. More on that later


Al and Jean Lumpkin assisted Jorge with Get Together. Having nothing left to do, Jorge finished with a Beatles medley.


Kathie and John Hollandsworth were up next and hit the ball out of the park with Howard McGhee’s harmonica work. Dem hillbillies are pros! Dave Baumann and Barbara Herber-Baumann came from Phoenix and showed they could match those Appalachian folk. Eileen Kozloff followed next and showed she was a match for anyone. Very slick, smooth and moving. What a treat!


Gregg then announced that we had a house band. Every member seemed apologetic and called Gregg on his idea…in teasing fun. They claim to have practiced each song once. Who would have guessed?


Below, in the third concert of this trip, Cindy Harris came first was was very cute with A Woman Who Has Aged (Written by Kathie Wieland). She has a great smile and twinkle in her eye. Al and Jean Lumpkin got their own band on stage and harmonized as if they had known each other a long time. Oh, yes, they are married.


After intermission Bryan Bowers took over. He played the age card: “I’m 76 years old!” Little could he guess that several in the audience were there too. He is a wily character with stories and autoharp history to tell. His stories, music and excellent playing have made him a world treasure. Oh, can he play that autoharp!

Although the MLAG cruisers numbered 67, they were not the only concert attendees. Word spread and people filled the seats to hear our music.

Kim Goodhue kicked off the event with his band and dazzled us with witty songs. Coleen and Neal Walters performed in their usual splendor. Bryan Bowers capped off the event by taking out all the stops. Now, it’s time to look forward to the next cruise!

The Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering is a fun organization. As they do at their annual gathering, they held an Autoharp Toss Contest on the ship.


The object is to throw a flat piece of autoharp shaped wood and get it to land as close as possible to the marked spot. Of the 24 participants these three earned top billing:


3rd Pace: Betty Scott


2nd Place: Karen Broderick


1st Place: Carolyn Lesh (She attributed her win to yodeling.)


A fun time was had by all participants and audience!

We were all in agreement that each and every one of the concert performances was outstanding.

However, this performance below may be the most memorable. Bravo to Lynda, Gregg, Ron and Jorge!

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