Jam Pix

The first jam on MLAG cruises have traditionally been the smallest. Why? People are still unpacking and preparing their quarters for the long haul. Also, it took a lot of energy to get to our port from all parts of the USA while carrying instruments.


Yes, these first night jammer are true die-hards. You’ll see them there every night and they will stay up as long as possible. There’s something about music that binds us together and lifts each individual to a state of happiness. The audience too starts out small but as the days gather so does the crowd.


The next evening everything picks up. More players, more instruments, more audience…it starts getting bigger.

Techie Stuff


Each slide (as the one above) moves to the next at 4 second intervals. If you wish it to pause then place your curser over it (so don’t place the curser over it if you want to see it rotate). If you’d like a bigger picture to see or copy to your desktop then right click on it (Control+Click on a Mac) (Alt+Click on a PC) and choose to open it in a different tab. Go to that tab to see the picture.


Click on the videos (as on the left) to start or stop them. On the bottom right you can click on the arrows to enlarge the view. If the controls aren’t visible then right click (Control+Click on a Mac) (Alt+Click on a PC) on the video to select Show Controls. Note: Some videos will take awhile to start playing because of their large file size.


An individual picture (with no dots under it) may be enlarged if you click on it. Click again to return it to its regular size.

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