The Netherlands

Guess why people from round the world visit the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens at this time of year. To see tulips of course…but not just any tulips. These fellows are as big, or bigger than an outstretched hand. What a stunning view!

Some MLAG cruisers went off seeking other adventures and missed the tulips. We can’t do it all.


Niels Jonker is from Holland (The Netherlands). He speaks the language and is very proud of his native country. We must say that he is a very good bass player. Coleen Walters taught him well.


Our ship, the M.S. Zuiderdam (pronounced Cider-dam) is registered here in Holland. We cruise with Holland-America so this makes sense. Shirley Averett has done a great job putting these things together over the years and seems to get better at them all the time.


Here husband Gregg complements her well. He is the Grand Pooh-Bah and his voice inhabits each cruiser’s dreams!

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