Check out this picture on the left. Shirley’s relatives are the known as the Dunaetz Clan…all very wonderful and adorable people. They even let Gregg in!

Day 1 in Denmark was our last day to be aboard the MS Zuiderdam. Yet it is part of our voyage. Today we spent time visiting the sites of Copenhagen.


First we saw the world famous statue of the Little Mermaid. Hans Christian Anderson is an icon. Then we visited the queen’s palace. She was in but we were not invited.


As we entered the courtyard we looked toward a horse’s ass. It must not have always been the main entrance.


A memorable moment for Karen Boderick was when a gaurd told her, in a gruff and loud voice, “Move!” Today, it is a funny story. Then, she got out of the way!


We took a canal ride. It was cold and wet but interesting. Brrr!

On this second day in Denmark we took a ride north of Copenhagen to see three castles. The first was Kronborg Castle and the last was Frederiksborg Castle. The second was a stop over just to see the changing of the guard. What was that caslte called?


Anyway, the splendor of both was unbelievable. No space seemed to be left untouched. There was art everywhere one looked.

The painted sculpted relief scenes (above) were placed above the inside of each window sill of the Frederiksborg Castle ballroom. Here they are collected. What is interesting about them is that they depict the normal, ordinary citizens at work or play. It is much like what  Normal Rockwell did.


Below the blue line (below) you’ll see some pictures of the National Museum of Denmark. Everyone went his own way but this is where Ellen and Jorge wound up. It’s a big place that needs more time to go through…maybe days.


That last evening we ate Danish Hot Dogs. They were great! Then, the next morning we returned to reality and flew home while others went on extended trips before going home. We all had a great time!

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