While most of the MLAG cruisers took a ride to see the Normandy Beaches, Ellen and Jorge (having been there last year) decided to visit a few small towns near Cherbourg FR. First we headed toward a a beautiful lighthouse. It supposedly has 365 windows, is 12 stories tall and includes 52 rooms. It is big!


Unfortunately, the most notable things about this trip was the rain and wind. Our docent claims that we missed the good weather the day before. Sounds like the surfer that was told he missed the big waves just yesterday.


We did spend some time with the locals at a place called Cafe de France. They served beer and spirits, ice-cream delights, sea food. and they all spoke French. Neat!

Neal Walters donated this slide show video below. He went with many MLAG cruisers to Normandy to see where the Allies landed during World War II. This video is a snippet of his whole production. To see the complete version go to the last page named Miscellaneous.

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