One of the highlights of every cruise is attending the mandatory MLAG Orientation. The joy of watching Gregg and Shirley interact is a marvel. We’ve been on several cruises with them and know what to expect. However, one never does tire of watching Abbott and Costello perform Who’s on First. We do love them!

The activity list (on the right) is handed out for those who didn’t print a copy from their email. Unlike the MLAG cruises across an ocean we did not have time for many classes. There were so many ports for wonderful things to see.

Another mandatory event occurs the first day: A ship emergency drill. There are announcements, bells and whistles. Everyone prepares to go the the main deck (3rd deck) where the lifeboats are located. We had to use the stairs to get there from the 10th deck.

Instead of calling names they scan your cabin card to ensure your presence. If you don’t attend, you don’t get to go on the cruise. SOLAS (the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea Treaty) requires it. No one bothered to test the rules.

Next, was getting your beverage cards. They supposedly offer a better deal than if you purchase drinks directly from the bar. They’ll place a sticker on your card showing what package you’ve bought. Even the use of the spa requires its own sticker.

Then, it’s off to our cabins to place our luggage under the bed after completely unpacking. We are on a moving, luxury hotel!

Dinner follows and it’s pretty relaxed the first evening. After that men can’t wear shorts. The food is good, fresh and something to look forward too. Time to relax!