New York

The last time Jorge had been in New York City was in 1985. He went up and down the Empire State Building every day for a week. He really wanted to see the Statue of Liberty but it was down for repair. We got tickets to see it. Also, the tickets included a ferry ride to Ellis Island.

The weather this day was very windy but the ferries kept going back and forth. We took plenty of pictures but did not ride the elevator within the statue. You couldn’t carry anything up. It all had to be stowed on the ground. Perhaps we’ll try it another time.

The skylines of New York City and New Jersey City were awesome. And here’s a point of interest: The waters surrounding the island belong to New Jersey but the island is part of Manhattan. As for Ellis Island it depends on where you are standing.

There is a new museum behind the Statue of Liberty. As one might imagine, it and the island were covered with tourists. At Ellis Island we were surprised to see an excellent exhibit downstairs.

However, upstairs the museum was even better. We only spent and hour on each island. So we ran through the museums. However, we definitely have to go back to the Ellis Island museum to see it at our leisure.

Back on the Zuiderdam we dined downstairs in our finest. It was a special day. Jorge called his mom and she sang him a happy birthday song. He’s now standing at 69.