We spent the morning hours visiting the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City. The place is undergoing a renovation by adding a huge building where the grassy yard once was. Having been there before we had an idea of what to expect and found that many of the exhibits have been updated. That includes Boot Hill too. Many of the grave markers are written with tongue-in-cheek and can be very funny.


We got locked in the church when the door knob came off in Jorge’s hand. He played with it and was lucky to get to door opened. Perhaps the good Lord was trying to tell us something?

We decided to “Get out of Dodge” and head for what is advertised as the World’s Largest Outdoor Municipal Concrete Swimming Pool in Garden City CO. It turned out to be more than one pool. Next was the Petrified Wood Gas Station in Lamar CO. We’ve seen it before but since it is on our route we took another picture of it.


Next was Bent’s Fort National Historic Site located in Otero County in southeastern Colorado. If you like forts and stories about the mountain men, cowboys and Indians then this is a must-see attraction. You can’t drive up to it. Park and a golf cart picks you up. The fort is made of adobe and seems very solid. Jorge went ape and climbed everywhere. Tickle could only go inside each room if she was carried. Try doing that and taking pictures at the same time! It was another long day on the road but fun! 

We’ll have to visit the Boot Hill Museum when the new building is up and running.

As for Old Bent’s Fort, we recommend it very highly!